Terms & Conditions

RentaWasher.co.uk Exclusion of Liability

RentaWasher.co.ukshall not be under any other liability to the Customer in respect of any injury, loss or damage of whatever kind and however caused whether direct, indirect or consequential arising out of the provision, use, installation, removal, replacement or repair of the equipment, and the Customer is therefore advised to take out insurance in respect of all such matters.

Obligations of the Customer:

1. To keep the equipment safe throughout the period of hire since it remains the property of RentaWasher.co.uk at all times and not to part with possession of the equipment nor dispose of it in any manner.
2. Not to tamper with, repair or adjust the equipment or any of its components nor allow any person to do so (apart from RentaWasher.co.uk or its authorised agent) nor connect to the equipment any ancillary equipment other than through the sockets provided, for that purpose.
3. To indemnify RentaWasher.co.uk against any loss or damage to the equipment caused in any manner (except as a result of fair wear and tear) and to indemnify RentaWasher.co.uk also against any loss or damage to the equipment caused by third parties whilst in the possession of the customer.
4. Not to allow the equipment to be seized by a landlord or any judgment creditor in satisfaction of any liability or debt and to indemnify RentaWasher.co.uk against any costs or expenses RentaWasher.co.uk may incur in preserving the equipment from seizure or in recovering it.
5. To keep the equipment at the address as stated in the agreement and not remove it until RentaWasher.co.uk k has been informed and consent has been given .
6.To allow RentaWasher.co.uk or its representative to inspect the equipment at all reasonable times for the purpose of adjustment and repair and if necessary to remove it from the customer's premises.
7.To insure the equipment against all risks for which the customer is liable to its full retail value and if requested to produce evidence of insurance and payment of premiums to RentaWasher.co.uk
8. To make the payments stated in the Agreement in full on the due date and to pay payments no more than 7 days in arrears, all payments to be made at RentaWasher.co.uk or bank account supplied by standing order, Direct Debit, or transfer into account. Payment by post or by cheque is not accepted.
9.To obtain any required licences for the use of the equipment